Simpal Portal

Simpal Portal

Promoting India as a new manufacturing destination with a focus on forward-thinking industry sectors  with a status quo that  can be disrupted  as we institute Fair Trade wages along with  prioritizing environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality in every industry sector we tackle.

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About us

At SIMPAL Portal, we believe that every industry has a responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment, and we are committed to helping them achieve this goal. Our vision is to create millions of new jobs as we restore employment opportunities to those who have lost them due to industrialization. We will promote traditional zero-carbon production methods in an additive manufacturing model (IR4) underpinned by Blockchain, smart contracts, ongoing audits, and scrutiny, with fair trade wages and improved working conditions, to create sustainable and circular artifacts.


How we make money


Garments made by existing & upcoming designers who urgently need carbon neutral fabrics.


Dungarees and custom weaves and embedded woven symbols, logos and brands.

carbon products

Garments by third party designers with authenticated 100% carbon Neutral products


NFT for micro-shareholding


Funds from Carbontrading to be developed.


Denim is the most popular fashion to designers

We are assembling a new team and seeking a CEO with a strong background and expertise in the fashion industry.

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