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Marketing & Product Strategy

Our market as agreed with WSC

Our marketing strategy is structured in stages, synchronized with the product deliverable capability. Our product strategy starts with the production of denim, which is a high-demand product and easy to manufacture, hence easily marketable. This product strategy allows us to initiate with a simple product and gradually increase the complexity as we ramp up the production quantity. Furthermore, it is designed to facilitate the introduction of new products as soon as a nominal level of operations is achieved.

Our Brand Strategy

We recognize that we are entering a mass market with established, well-regarded incumbents. To build recognition and confidence, we will draw on the success of two proven and successful brand strategies: ‘Powered by Cisco’ and ‘Intel Inside,’ as well as ‘World Series Cricket’ and the ‘LIV Tour.’

These examples showcase how spending money on image and providing consumers with an alternate perspective that taps into their appetite can successfully challenge the status quo of very big players. We are not challenging big retail brands; rather, we aim to attract them as customers. Our challenge is to compete with existing fabric mills that weave synthetic cloths and sell through headless brands such as Etsy and Amazon. Our strategy involves bringing all of our weavers under one brand, the ‘Virtual Factory,’ which we will determine with the help of branding experts. 

For now, we will use the Indian Government brand, Naveshriti, which is a mash of two Hindi words loosely meaning ‘New Fashion,’ as a placeholder to sell to the Indian market. We will use this name until our systems are proven, and we introduce our new brand, which is yet to be developed, such as ‘Indie-Old School.’

We plan to spend the majority of the $3 million raised through NFT sales to promote our new brand and its values in our target markets. Our approach will involve leveraging strategic social media and other channels to educate consumers about the benefits of using our materials in the clothes they buy.

Are you ready to join the revolution of high-quality, sustainable fashion? Invest in our NFT sales and become a part of our journey to create a better future for the fashion industry. With your support, we can build our new brand, 'Indie-Old School,' and continue to promote the benefits of using our materials in the clothes you buy.

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