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Disrupting the Weaving & Handloom Sector
Disrupting the Weaving & Handloom Sector
Disrupting the Weaving & Handloom Sector

The Existing Handloom Sector

Our Solution For Improvement system

The Artisans App links to the blockchain and unifies the whole ecosystem.It simplifies and controls all activity, freeing the weavers to concentrate on weaving and getting paid for their work. The app allows everyone from cotton seed suppliers to weavers to update their status, opt-in or out of work, and validate their efforts. It also manages couriers, deliveries, and payment.

The SIMPAL Portal digital solution simplifies everything by removing the multi-layered supply chain and replacing it with a transparent percentage-based fee for service, which is levied on the final sale price. This pricing model is based on being a value-for-money price in the real world. As a result, all workers make more money while enjoying improved working conditions. Additionally, the platform provides proof of work for carbon credentials.

Why Blockchain?

The implementation of blockchain technology can furnish the essential substantiation necessary for forthcoming carbon trading obligations.

Within the blockchain, a concise video created by the Artisans is included, wherein they introduce themselves and their assistants, showcase their production processes and workplace, and express gratitude towards the patronage extended to them.

The blockchain will furnish payment particulars that authenticate adherence to Fair Trade principles.

The products procured by our clients will be accompanied by verifiable proof that the purchase has directly contributed to the betterment of the individuals showcased in the accompanying videos.

Specialized sub-contractors accountable to WSC will conduct audits to ensure compliance.



Implementation of this measure will ensure that the garments possess a carbon-neutral status, thereby assuring our clients, the government, and future carbon trading requirements of the exceptional level of authenticity and origin.



The crux of our proposal lies in the extensive implementation of a blockchain infrastructure that encompasses every aspect of the supply chain, serving as a fundamental support system for all the concepts we have put forth.

In light of the numerous benefits that the deployment of a blockchain network can provide, we urge our clients to embrace this innovative technology and incorporate it into their supply chain processes. By doing so, they can avail themselves of the transparency and trustworthiness that comes with an immutable ledger, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with Fair Trade principles and future carbon trading requirements. We are confident that the comprehensive and reliable documentation furnished by the blockchain will instill a heightened level of provenance and authenticity, thus elevating their brand’s reputation in the eyes of both consumers and regulators.


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